How to show attachments on NWC/NAC Cloud Task Forms

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Nintex Cloud – how to show attachments on Cloud Task Forms

When using Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) or Nintex Automation Cloud (NAC), a common issue that needs to be overcome is displaying attachments on NWC/NAC task forms.


For example, suppose:

  • you have a SharePoint Online form users submit, that allows attachments
  • the process of the form submission involves another user having to complete a task
  • in order for that user to complete the task properly, they need to see the attachments the user submitted


Unfortunately, the ability to view the attachments on NWC/NAC task forms isn’t available out of the box. That is, you can’t just drop an “attachments” control onto the Task form and expect to see any of the tasks.


This article will detail the steps to follow to have links to the attachments show up on your task form:
show attachments on NWC/NAC Cloud Task Forms


Here’s how you do it!

  1. Go to the Nintex Gallery and import the workflow “Generate HTML for Task Forms with Attachments” into your workflow cloud tenant. Publish the workflow in your tenant before proceeding.
  2. In your workflow, somewhere before the “Assign a Task” action, add and configure a “Call a Workflow” action:
    Adding Attachments to Nintex Cloud Task Forms
  3. On the task form itself, create a label, and use the output variable from the “Call a Workflow” action as the display. In this case, it’s “varAttachmentText”:
    Adding Attachments to Nintex Cloud Task Forms


That’s all there is to attachments on NWC/NAC Cloud Task Forms!

Note the following “gotchas”:

  • The Component Workflow action isn’t published or configured correctly. You may need to tweak it to fit your needs
  • All the variables selected are correct. That is, make sure you use the correct variable as the value in the Task Form Label that is the output from the Component Workflow.


Happy Nintex Workflow Cloud / Nintex Automation Cloud building!


Please leave comments if you have any Nintex tricks or tips of your own to share!


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David Lozinski